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Your old toys might be worth more than you know! 



Toys and Dolls are one of the most popular collectible categories, whose nostalgic value can help boost their worth and in many cases they can be stored away safely for many years. The category encompasses such a wide variety of items, from very high value, prominent early twentieth century teddy bears to toy soldier sets that can be found at a car boot sale, or in a relative’s loft. Some of the most collectible pieces in this categories are those with considerable prominence, such as Harry Potter memorabilia, Barbie Dolls, and original action dolls such as the original G. I. Joe. Star Wars was one of the first films to really take advantage of merchandising and as a result, there are a number of collectible toys to look for, and items in their original packaging sell particularly well.

Check out this awesome Buzzfeed filled with toys you may have owned as a child that are now worth a FORTUNE!